Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 Person from Stuttgart
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Starting out as a young raver, SYMON developed his affection towards electronic music as a teenager already. Listening to various styles such as DnB and house, he soon found his passion for techno. Exploring the broad spectrum of techno, it is no wonder that he started spinning records in 2017 already, marking the start of his DJ career.

With regular gigs in Stuttgarts techno scene, such as in clubs like Lehmann and Toy, he managed to become an established DJ at the cities techno forefront. Not only due to his intelligent and experienced mixing skills, but also diverse yet driving track selection.

In late 2018 he and his friends found the techno collective VISION EKSTASE. Organizing excessive parties in and around Stuttgart. Since then he is pursuing his vision of techno – Groove, sex and deepness merged to his signature sound.