Rove Ranger



Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 Person from Stuttgart
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Love, peace and unity – the famous words of a movement that very much attracted Rove Ranger as a child to electronic music. Listening to early Schranz and Techno back then, it is no wonder that the sound of Rove Ranger is defined by fast-paced percussions and high energy.

Starting out as a producer in late 2007, he extended his musical spectrum over the years from EBM and Industrial to the likes of modern Techno. Always striving in musical variation, he started Rove Ranger aside his previous projects in early 2019 by focusing on sounds who he admired back as a child. Rough, dirty and compromiseless rhythms coupled with hypnotic melodies are just a few words to describe his vision of techno, of which he makes no exception on as a music selector too.

Since 2019 he is also part of the VISION EKSTASE techno collective with its origins in Stuttgart. Together, he and his friends create events, art and music free of any conventions with great success. Breaking the rules and exploring new grounds is what defines VISION EKSTASE as well as Rove Ranger.