Fabian Wegmeth



Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 Person from Stuttgart
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‚Music has always been a central part of my life‘ – Not only as a listener, but also as a musician, Fabian explored the vast space of music as a young kid. He soon found his passion in electronic music and developed a deep connection towards techno. Starting out as an organizer and DJ in 2014, he played a key role in the modern development of Stuttgarts underground scene, until in 2018 he found his home base at Lehmann Club.

As a track selector, Fabian shines through his hypnotic blends and diverse track selection. Putting people in an altered state of mind by repetitive yet driving techno records marks his signature sound and is integral part of his music production. Releasing at labels such as Android Muzik, his productions are characterized by hypnotic synth elements and driving grooves.

In 2018 he brought VISION EKSTASE together with his friends to life – A techno collective, creating space for hedonistic and personal self-fulfillment. Not only as an event series, but as a life philosophy, VISION EKSTASE represents Fabians interpretation of techno – Filthy clubs, goosebumps and sweat coupled with pressure on the chest. Living for endless nights.


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