David Löhlein


Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 Person from Stuttgart
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Starting 2013 with events and djing David Löhlein had a fast career since then. With several event concepts and releases he finally found his true way and self realisation with Vision Ekstase starting as event and nowadays label too. David Löhlein debuts it with a massive start and feedback from the whole techno scene.

Having become a Lehmann Club resident in 2019, he has since established himself at the forefront of Stuttgart’s Techno movement. His relationship with the famous techno institution has allowed him to develop himself more and more and formed his backdrop for the success.

While not only performing as a DJ David Löhlein creates a whole room and atmosphere consisting of intense groove, sexyness and power. He also possesses a wonderful understanding of how to adapt his music to the circumstances of a large peak time oriented crowd and intense deeper going sessions.

His works for the first release of the Vision Ekstase label comprise of the club-oriented and rhythm-heavy EP opener „Altai“ features a hypnotic vocal sample fused with stabbing modulations maintaining a constant drive best suited for peak-time purposes before ‘Morava’ continues with vibrant synth walls and stabs. On the flip, „Red Code“ starts with clap-heavy and groove-infused percussion above the growling oscillations throughout until „Six Nine“ rounds things off with innovative synth compositions, stirring resonations and clattering drums providing a driving rhythm within. Played by techno icones like Charlotte de Witte, Ellen Allien, DVS1, Setaoc Mass, Truncate, Dave Clarke and more he more and more gets attention of the international scene.